Here's just a few of the web sites that I have designed.
Of course, there's also this site you are on now, my WestBayProductions site and many more.
You can click any of the images to open the page in a fresh browser.
This is the official business home page for Dr. Moss in La Jolla.
It is located at It features 14 pages including a Radio Player with 2 pre-recorded radio interviews
to listen to on demand.
This is the page I designed for the actor of stage, screen and television, Jeff Meek. site
This is the site for the book: The Adaptation Diet by Dr. Moss
of La Jolla.
This is the site for the new television series in the works -
Venture Out TV.
This web site is about my son's one-man show that he is
performing all across the country: Spanish Spices Show.
This web site is about the 27th Annual San Diego Writers Conference. site

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