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I have been in San Diego since 1985 and involved in web design and film and video production ever since.
I consider myself as a well-versed Videographer - Editor - Producer with experience in TV production and marketing videos.
My company is West Bay Productions and my Specialties: Docu style shooting, quick-turnaround editing and production videos for television, web sites and other marketing and entertainment outlets.
I also build engaging and successful websites like this one and many others, some of which are listed below.
My photoShop skills are essential in both videos and web design.

Ask me - maybe I will

services i offer

I am not finished until the client is happy with the final results.
I do not bill the balance until the client is thanking me.

Video Production

VIDEO: I own and use Sony Professional XD-CAM cameras providing the best quality full HD footage for output to broadcast, Vimeo, Youtube or any other venue where your message needs to be seen.
AUDIO: Visual is half of it - Audio is also key to the message. Again, I only use top quality wireless and wired audio gear.

Video Editing

POST PRODUCTION: I bring your vision and message to life.
By creating compelling intros, the use of skillful editing, the placement of music, graphics, text, effects and more, we can provide a final product that will drive home your unique message.
Creating a final product that we can both be proud of.

Website Design

PLANNING: My goal is to produce the optimum website to convey your unique message to your potential clients.
DEVELOPMENT: This is YOUR site, so you will be involved in every element of the design.
PUBLISHING: I produce the site on a server where you can see the progress live before it is made public.

Video Sampler

Website with video

Click to go to this good example of a website that I built and a TV series that I am on the Production Team.

Travel & Outdoors

One minute travel spot for TripFilms that I shot, edited AND voiced.

Let's work together

I am available for freelance.

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Donated Video

Quick overview of a wonderful non-profit. They saved my dog's life - I did this promo and another - no charge.

Student Filmmakers

Current TV Project

One More

Overview of Film & Video in San Diego

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9984 Scripps Ranch Blvd 353
San Diego, CA 92131